Pulling Back The Curtain on Social Networking

How Many Members Are Real People? That’s the question that WordPress pal and fellow Dallasite, Scot Duke, asks over at Duke Consults.

There are a number of related problems developing from the saturation of online social groups that when piled up smells like what most people thinking the internet is full of. These negative aspects of online social networking are now driving people away from the internet by the thousands, if not millions. 

The even bigger problem overshadowing the opportunities legitimate business are looking for on the internet is these aggravating incidences experienced on the internet are keeping from coming online a very large market of people who have never been online .  In order for the online economy to become solid more real live people are going to have to come online.  However, it is clear that solutions to all of the problems are going to need to be found in order to protect the yet inexperienced interneters from being chewed up and spit out before they finish their log-in.

Amen Brother Duke. This is an excerpt from a new book Scot is writing that exposes the pitfalls and fallacies of the online world. Definitely worth a read.


One thought on “Pulling Back The Curtain on Social Networking

  1. Duke August 19, 2007 / 7:55 pm

    Your the man! Thanks for the support. I have a few more weeks to go on the book, but I will put out some more excerpts. Lots of people not getting on the internet for a lot of reasons… I hope to address a dozen or so of them.
    So stay tuned..

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