Aggie Football Preview With A Burnt Orange Twist


Found this link posted on an Aggie football forum of all places. An entertaining and in many cases bang on  analysis of the upcoming 2007 season. Barking Carnival’s Texas A&M Football State of the Union lays it out in a forthright fashion that even this Aggie fan can’t argue:

Dennis Franchione is an enigma wrapped in a riddle, coaching at a school that is a Rubik’s cube wrapped in overalls. Once one of the most sought after and well regarded college football coaches around, the bloom quickly fell off of Franchione’s A&M rose as if Lady Reveille had been purposefully farting on it. His first three years yielded a smooth 16-18 record and Franchione introduced the A&M faithful to new and unique humiliations on the football field and demonstrated a personna that made Texas fan’s smirk; we knew this guy – A&M had landed their John Mackovic.

Our John Mackovic indeed.


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