I Wanna Be A Big Looser


So I’ve been off blogging. Searching for something worthwhile to blog about. Feeling all uninteresting and stuff.

One day a few weeks ago an idea hit me as I was watching the finale of ┬áNBC’s “The Biggest Loser” show while scarfing down a chicken fried steak or something equally fattening and brushing the droppings off my “crumb catcher”……I could do that. Or could I?

Like many Americans I am overweight. And not by a little bit. Suffice it to say at this point that I could drop an easy hundred and barely make the healthy range of the BMI charts.

So in the coming weeks and months stay tuned for all the gory details in my quest for Big Looserdom, starting tomorrow with the starting metrics. Esposa’s going to help me measure tonight. I had toyed with the idea of photos, but will spare my readership the mental image. I’ll provide the measurements and you can create your own mental.

Until tomorrow. Tough out.

Weepy Wednesday

After studying the word cloud the answer rained down on me….music. I like music. Music of all kinds. I don’t know much about it, other than what I like. My iPod artists range from 2Pac and Snoop Dogg to Ray Price and George Strait with a hat tip to Ted Nugent and Deep Purple along the way.

This video combines three of my favorites. Two artists, Stoney Larue & Gary Stewart and a song “Empty Glass”. This tune is one of my all time fave Gary Stewart songs. It has that melancholy regretful hopelessness that makes country music great. Simple, haunting lyrics that make a barroom song something more artsy than your average boot scootin’ boogie song.

I got turned on to Stoney Larue listening to the local “hard country” format radio station when he released “Oklahoma Breakdown” and I’ve found a few more of his songs that I like. I was actually looking for “Texas Moon” to share tonight but found this instead.

It’s a great rendition of Gary Stewart’s original which I heard Gary perform live several years back. Stoney doesn’t do the guitar solo here, but Gary did and I discovered what an amazing guitar player/musician he actually was.

So on a rainy North Texas night grab a bottle of whiskey, a pack of smokes, and maybe a box of Kleenex for this one.

I’m out.

Candles for Waylon

Waylon Jennings – Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down

It’s been awhile since I blogged here. Thought I’d drop by to share some more country music on the occassion of what would have been Waylon Jennings’ 72nd birthday.

My parents were big fans of Waylon’s early music. I became a fan of his “outlaw” music in the 70’s. He came to the Black Eyed Pea Jamboree in Athens in 1976 or so with Willie. I’m not sure the Spanish Trace Inn has ever seen the likes of Waylon and his gang, and probably never will.

This selection combines both old and outlaw Waylon, with a bonus of an outstanding pedal steel guitar line, as all my faves usually do.

Ever notice that it’s always the old fat guy on pedal steel guitar? I think I gotta learn me some of that.

Changing Telecom Landscape

Saw this interesting story about AT&T negotiating with Apple to maintain it’s exclusive deal for the popular iPhone. The really interesting part was this little nugget buried in the last paragraph:

Mr. Stephenson also is seeking to overhaul AT&T’s marketing to make wireless the priority. The next step, he said, is to do away with a requirement that customers have AT&T’s home-phone service to qualify for discounts on TV or broadband Internet services. Being a wireless customer should be enough, he said.

“We have 77 million wireless customers and 30 million consumer phone lines,” Mr. Stephenson said in a recent interview at AT&T’s headquarters in Dallas, where he moved the company last summer. “Which customer base would you rather work from? We tend to come at this backwards.”

Nice to see the dinosaurs adapting to the world around them this time around. If AT&T can do the arithmetic maybe there is still hope for broken down old equipment manufacturers to make their way into the 21st century.

The really funny thing is The Intimidator (formerly known as The Esposa) and I just decided to forgo a land line and go 100% wireless at our house. We have five cellular devices and have dwindled to a single wired telephone in the house.

Now I’m headed off to AT&T to shop for my discount.

Oh Henry…

I got one of those calls today. One of those calls that make you examine your life, ponder what could have been. What should have been. On the other end was my brother with news that our cousin Henry had passed away the previous night.

Henry and I were close to the same age and were close when we were younger. But as we grew up, living in different locales, we drifted apart as cousins old enough to drive and avoid those nasty family get togethers are wont to do. It was actually my younger brother who grew closer to Henry in adulthood since they lived in the same area.

It takes an adult perspective to understand that family get togethers were a good thing. That’s why the picture below is so precious. Henry came over last year to a party we were having here at the house. It was the first time I had seen him in years and he looked great. Looking so much like his Dad in his adulthood.

L to R: Luther, Myownself, Brother Reggie and Cousin Henry
L to R: Luther, Myownself, Brother Reggie and Cousin Henry

And today, he’s gone.

Rest in peace cousin.

Honky Tonkin’

I was listening to KHYI this afternoon and was surprised to hear a mainstream country music song. Of course when you’re talking George Strait I suppose they make allowances since he has stayed true to his Texas music roots.

They played this song from his Troubadour album which got me to thinking about what makes that Texas honky tonk sound. Some feel like the fiddle (that’s violin for you Yankees & Canadians) is the quintessential instrument in country music, but my vote goes to the Hawaiian Steel Guitar.

This song features an extended steel guitar solo, more so on the recorded version than this live performance, but good enough to get the drift.

Something about George Strait and a twanging steel guitar that makes me want to scoot my boots around the dance floor at the Broken Spoke with the Esposa.