I’m thinking……

I might be back. It’s been 5 years since I’ve logged in here. At the beginning it was fun posting on here. Then it started to be like a job. Then Facebook and Twitter took off, much less pressure. And eventually I just quit posting here.

A lot has happened since I last posted. The Princess graduated from college. Budman finished high school and went off to college, he will graduate next year. Our pup passed away at 13 years of age, so  Esposa and I settled into our suddenly very empty nest.

So, I’m thinking I have things to say. This might as well be the place to say it. To heck with Facebook and Twitter. I’m too slow witted and long winded for either of them. Plus connecting with people you haven’t seen in 20-25 years can sometimes remind you why you haven’t seen them in a long time.

So….here we go. Let’s see what happens.

Tough out.



In Defense of Pork

No, I’m not talking about the stimulus, or spendulus, or porkulus or whatever you want to call the omnibus earmark bill that will impoverish my offspring for generations to come. I’m talking about the meat.

I was at the office the other day. At lunch I went down to the cafeteria to nosh on the fine food stylings of the Sodexho crew.

I ended up at the grill as I usually do chatting with my favorite cuñado. I ordered a cheeseburger and he asked me what sounded like a simple question….”Bacon señor?”

I thought for a moment. Bacon? Why hell yes! I’ll take some bacon. He nodded and started adding a couple of crisp sweet slices of heaven’s own meat to my burger. But  I was still contemplating the deeper meaning of his question, Bacon señor?

What did he really mean? Was he simply asking in the culinary sense or was this a call to arms? A challenge for all who love bacon to take a stand. Show our true bacon striped colors? Tell the world that hell yes, damn the consequences and what everyone else thinks I’ll have some bacon?

I decided he was probably just asking about the burger since his next question was “fries?” My answer was the same as always, “curly por favor” but having gone through the mental cogitation decided I would make my stand for bacon.

And so dear readers, here is my question, my challenge, my call to arms (and shanks):

Bacon señor?

A Fresh New Scent For A Fresh New Year

I took Esposa’s MegaSUV to the car wash a few weeks back and was perusing the automotive accessory type stuff while I waited. The usual fare. Compass on a Suction Cup. Various types of space saving, automotive convenience  products and the usual assortment of air fresheners from the vaunted Ozium in a handy glove box size to the traditional pine scented hang on the rearview tree type. One thing I hadn’t noticed is that they now have the traditional pine tree in green, but also a veritable designers pallette of other scents as well. There was the berry scent on a purple pine tree. The cherry scent on a red pine tree. Each with a picture of their respective fruits just in case you weren’t hip to the color code or able to read the print prominently displayed at the bottom of each. I was puzzled by the sky blue tree adorned with parting clouds and a rainbow. Looking closer at the freshener though the mystery was solved.

Smells like a cross between unicorn farts and Skittles
Smells like a blend of unicorn farts and Skittles

I think I’m gonna buy one of those when my stimulus check comes in.

Playoff Bound

hole-in-the-roofHeading out to Texas Stadium tonight for what could possibly be the last time. The Wildcats will take on the Panthers of Duncanville in a first round bidistrict game.

Texas Stadium is a favorite spot for local high school playoff action. I remember my first game at Texas Stadium, a Cowboys-Vikings preseason game in 1974. It was all shiny and new with it’s classy I.M. Pei design and distinctive hole in the roof.

The stadium hasn’t aged well. Changes made to make it more profitable and more “big league” (aka more luxury boxes) have altered the design and made it a different experience.

Calling this stadium venerable is a bit of a stretch, but it has been the scene of some great football over the years. I’m hoping the Wildcats go deep enough into the playoffs that we get several more visits over the coming weeks. But if it’s not to be I will treat tonight as my last opportunity and will savor the cool fall air, reminisce about every name in the Ring of Honor, and have an order of those amazing stadium nachos, each as if it were my last. And I will say farewell to a place that has been a part of my childhood, adolescence, and adult life.

The City of Irving will demolish Texas Stadium after this season. But not before ass raider Jerry Jones rips out the seats and fixtures to sell them as souvenirs and hauls the Pokes off to Tarrant County. A sad ending for the house built by the likes of Tex Schramm, Tom Landry, Roger Staubach and others. But then JJ has never been one for any Cowboy tradition that didn’t line his pockets.

Farewell Texas Stadium. Job well done.