Alka Seltzer

My wife hated Alka Seltzer. She could have the worst indegestion ever and would drive to the store to buy Tums instead of drinking Alka Seltzer.

But she bought Alka Seltzer.

We have never run out in 29 years.

She bought it because it is the only thing that helps MY indigestion.

These are the issues of my new reality. I think of a new thing (or 12) every day that I now have to plan for that used to just happen.

Because she took care of it.

The magnitude of this loss grows every day. Perhaps I trivialize it talking about antacids. But it demonstrates the depth, the fine detail, the enormity of her contribution to this life of mine, to the operation of this house, this family.

She was the head of the snake. She made this work. I knew it before. But it slaps me in the face a little bit every day, in tiny little ways.

Like when I need an Alka Seltzer.



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