Ice Cream Sandwiches

I know I said I was going to focus on memories past. But through all of this we continue to make memories every single day. Or do things that harken back to a time when things were different. Normal.

The pattern over the past couple of weeks has developed that Esposa will take her nighty night meds around 9 pm and promptly sack. I straighten up the trailer, watch a little TV and what not. Then around 11 or so I start to pack it in. That’s when she wakes up.

So we’ve gotten into a semi-routine of having long chats about random subjects till midnight or after. Those who know me know I’m all about my sleep, but the sweetness of laying in bed with my best friend talking about things; some good, some not so good, some that we could not have even contemplated 8 months ago creates an overwhelming desire for sleep to never come.

Last night she injected a new subject into our nightly chat, mid sentence: ice cream sandwiches. She brought it up and then left it. Ten minutes later she asks me why I let her mention ice cream sandwiches. I reply that if I had know she was about to say “ice cream sandwich” I would have stopped her. We continue. Five minutes later in the middle of a conversation on an unrelated topic she says “We need to talk about something that is completely the opposite of ice cream sandwiches.” Which seemed odd to me because we were talking about the car which is very clearly not an ice cream sandwich.

So I began to get the idea that maybe she wanted an ice cream sandwich. That’s just how perceptive I am. Literally read.her.mind. Call me Kreskin.

And that is how I ended up at 7-11 at midnight buying ice cream sandwiches. We ate them together. Just like so many nights past when we would sneak a bowl of Blue Bell before we went to sleep. We have always been each other’s Midnight Ice Cream Buddy.

In the midst of the storm. A tiny morsel of normalcy is always to be celebrated.

We celebrated with Ice Cream Sandwiches.