Us Time

Boats have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest memories of my parents were being at Lake Worth with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins. I remember my Dad water skiing, young & vibrant. Laughing. But Mom & Dad divorced and Mom married a Navy man. We moved to Bremerton, WA, then Southern California, then Guam. We didn’t own a boat during that time, but the beach and local marinas were where I was most happy as a kid. I was thirteen before we came back to Texas to stay.img_2081One of the first things my Stepdad did was buy a boat. From 13 to 30 I always lived near or on a lake and I almost always had access to a boat. But never owned one. About 5 years ago I got the bug. Esposa and I were at Cabela’s and ended up sitting on a pontoon boat in the showroom. I had it bad, her not so much. She wasn’t sold on the lake life and while not saying no, she wasn’t an enthusiastic yes either.

So she made me a deal. She had seen an ad for a boat club. Sort of a shared ownership thing. The club owned a bunch of boats and as a member you could reserve any one you wanted. Just pay for the gas. I was reluctant but made what I thought was a great deal. July 4th was coming up and I said if they can get us on the lake on July 4th we’ll join.

If not, we buy one.

Guess what?

They had a  boat available, so we joined. It wasn’t bad. A lot of the headaches of ownership were gone. But there was competition for reservations. It wasn’t always possible to get a boat on the weekends. But we worked around it. And the skeptical Esposa was smitten. She loved life on the lake. I’ve never seen her more relaxed than those boat club days just drifting with the wind. Watching awesome sunsets. Enjoying cold beverages. But the boat club got old. People didn’t care for the boats. Something was always broken. Most often it was the depth finder which is a must on a lake in Texas in the summer. So last year we decided to buy one. We looked for months. Even after we found the one we wanted it took some time for us to get the jack together to buy it. On weekends we would go to the boat dealership to “pet the boat”.

Finally the day came. We christened our 24″ Black & Tan tri-toon the “Us Time”. We had a full summer. On the lake whenever we wanted.

Lots of sunsets.


Lots of chilling.


Lots of family time, Us Time.






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