A Fresh New Scent For A Fresh New Year

I took Esposa’s MegaSUV to the car wash a few weeks back and was perusing the automotive accessory type stuff while I waited. The usual fare. Compass on a Suction Cup. Various types of space saving, automotive convenience  products and the usual assortment of air fresheners from the vaunted Ozium in a handy glove box size to the traditional pine scented hang on the rearview tree type. One thing I hadn’t noticed is that they now have the traditional pine tree in green, but also a veritable designers pallette of other scents as well. There was the berry scent on a purple pine tree. The cherry scent on a red pine tree. Each with a picture of their respective fruits just in case you weren’t hip to the color code or able to read the print prominently displayed at the bottom of each. I was puzzled by the sky blue tree adorned with parting clouds and a rainbow. Looking closer at the freshener though the mystery was solved.

Smells like a cross between unicorn farts and Skittles
Smells like a blend of unicorn farts and Skittles

I think I’m gonna buy one of those when my stimulus check comes in.


One thought on “A Fresh New Scent For A Fresh New Year

  1. Mad Machine January 28, 2009 / 10:10 pm

    Don’t bother buying one. I think it smells exactly like the Clinton one, only more so.

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