T’was The Season


The Christmas season is over.

And now so is football season. This was reported to me via text message earlier today. It was confirmed seconds ago via news reportage of the final score of the Philadelphia v. Dallas NFL tackle football game.

The text message was short and to the point. Eloquent in it’s minimalist approach. And in what is a departure for the sender, a complete sentence. It read thusly:

Fuck the Cowboys.

Indeed. Romo is still the backup QB who fumbled the snap on the winning field goal against Seattle a few years back. TO is still the egotistical “I love me some TO” loudmouth WR he was when the Eagles cut him loose. Wade Phillips is still the unaccomplished offspring of a great football coach.

That’s all they ever will be. I knew that coming into the season. But I get sucked in every year. I see the silver helmets and I forget this is not the same team. Not the team of Landry & Schramm, but the team of Jones, Switzer, Campo, Gailey et.al. DeMarcus Ware will never be another Harvey Martin, hell not even a Steve Martin.

I say I’m done. But I’ll probably get sucked in again. I always do. I love the Cowboys. But tonight, and until next season…..Fuck the Cowboys.


One thought on “T’was The Season

  1. Mad Machine December 29, 2008 / 4:35 pm

    Amen. Yesterday’s loss to the Eagles freed up my Sundays. That’s my consolation.

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