Comida Deluxe

Now that's some fine eatin' right there
Now that is some fine eatin' right there

Comida Deluxe is actually the name of the combination plate I had for dinner last night at the new Plano Chuy’s (of Austin fame). Two cheese enchiladas, flautas, beef taco and queso tostada with rice & refries.

But to call this simply nachos is to understate the awesomeness that is the $8 “Super Bowl Nachos” served at Texas Stadium. Chips, cheese, chili, pico de gallo all topped with a healthy pile of smokin’ hot jalapenos.

Note the paw in the background. Wildcats 42, Panthers 15. We live to play another week although the next game will likely be versus the overheated and overhyped Trinity Trojans. Number one in the nation and stars of their own Gatorade commercial (Can you pay the toll?). Meh. I have committed to my northern readers to at least attempt to catch the Trojan Haka dance and publish here. We’ll see.

Oddest thing at the game. The opposing team’s mascot was the panther. As far as I know a member of the cat family. Which would come nowhere near explaining why at different points during the game their band broke into the Florida State Seminole chant type music and the fans did the Tomahawk Chop. Strange indeed.

Best overheard quote: (Note this is a high school team playing in an NFL stadium) “Hey, they don’t have a big TV to show the replays on like we have at home.”


2 thoughts on “Comida Deluxe

  1. bigdino November 16, 2008 / 6:38 pm

    Why is there a Clemson logo next to what appears to be ‘surgically removed material awaiting a report from Pathology’?

    I know what you mean about the chop thing though. Last night, Oregon State played Cal and they showed the home team supporters doing the chop thing as well. This seems weird because to the best of my knowledge, neither Beavers nor Bears are indigenous to India. Perhaps this is some sort of offshoring thing gone awry?

  2. semitough November 16, 2008 / 7:55 pm

    As far as I know Cremson’s colors are Ornge n’ white. Vriginia Teck mixes maroon with their Ornge, but they are Gobblers, not Cats. The paw print you reference is a maroon Wildcat paw in no way related to the Cremson Tiggers.

    Having sat through the FSU v. A&M Cotton Bowl game back in the late 80’s I can testify as to just how annoying the whole Tomahawk Chop thing is. Of course FSU pays for the privilege of exercising racism against the native brothers.

    The Panther brothers didn’t seem sold on the whole chop-chop thing. They only did it a few times and it wasn’t very well coordinated. Of course getting pasted sometimes takes the verve out of the chop-chop.

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