What I Did On My Summer Vacation

It’s been a long, hot summer down here in the trailer park with lots going on. Normally I would blog these activities semi-live, but I’m a slacker so this chronological digest version is what you get.

The summer started off hotter than hot on Memorial Day weekend. The heat arriving just in time for the outdoor wedding of Number One son.

The ceremony was in the late afternoon. The late sun filtering through the trees gave everything a magical fairy tale quality. The bride was stunning in an off the shoulder gown and seemed impervious to the heat.

I was not, but that’s OK, the dripping sweat masked the unmanly tears I shed.

Next up was the mega graduation party for the Princess. No reliable attendance numbers are available, but officials estimate upwards of 75 people crammed into the trailer at some point in the evening. Frivolity ensued. Brother Reggie McFly (pictured at right with Semitough hisownself and Ace The Duece) provided the DJriffic entertainment.

Unbelievably no police were involved in the throwing of this party. Between the parking situation, noise, and blatant violation of multiple city ordinances we fully expected a visit.

Next was graduation. While there was never really any doubt about The Princess graduating, there’s always a sense of anticipation, nostalgia, happiness, sadness, and anxiety that goes along with these sorts of events.

As you can see from the picture, The Princess was terribly excited during the ceremony which was held at Reunion Arena.

The 1200+ graduates covered most of the floor and the entire lower bowl of the arena was filled. I enjoyed the ceremony, but then again I spent most of it with the camera on 50X zoom waiting for her to yawn or make a face.

And of course, what would summer be without a little swimming action? Two travel meets this summer. One to Shreveport, LA  and the annual trip to State down in Austin for summer champs. The Shreveport meet had the Budman on a bus with the team so the Esposa and myself were allowed to run wild through downtown Shreveport breaking the bank at every casino we went to. Wait, breaking the bank means playing till the ATM gives you that “Insufficient Funds” message right?

Next up on the summer agenda was the 18th birthday of one T. Princess. Having successfully matriculated from high school and actively planning her escape to college, it was time to sit down to a celebratory steak dinner. Ace the Duece joined and a fine time was had by all. Sundance Steak anyone?

Before The Princess’ big move out day, the Esposa’s parents planned a move out day bash of their own. And when I say bash I don’t mean party, I mean bashed toes, stitches, bears, eighteen wheelers stuck in the mud. Their home in the New Mexico mountains is very beautiful, as can be seen in the picture taken from their deck.

Tucked into the Sacramento Mountains and near the Lincoln National Forest they lived in a beautiful, if remote spot.

It was the remoteness that killed on this move. Unable to get a moving truck anywhere near their house, we had to transport everything, and I mean everything, from the house to the moving truck located about a half mile away at the bottom of the hill. A full day’s loading was lost with the truck stuck in the mud on one route up. The alternative route up the mountain, while not resulting in calling out the New Mexico National Guard, was equally fruitless as demonstrated below in a little clip I like to call “The Little Engine That Couldn’t”:

To make matters worse, we had to leave on Sunday before the job was done, leaving the rest of the family to finish. To add to the surreallity of it all, bears showed up on Sunday and were stalking the brothers-in-law as they were trying to bring furniture out of the lower level. Glocks were off safety for the remainder of the loading. Cherry on top – unloading a ping pong table at the trailer on Monday resulted in 6 stitches for yours truly. My compassionate Esposa accompanied me to the ER and most caringly sat giggling at the end of the table snapping pictures of my injury, emailing them to friends & family and uploading them to the internets. Love you too hon.

Since the Princess was now 18 and would be heading off to college, it was decided that a little honky tonk lesson was in order. So I squeezed my stitched foot into my new Tony Lamas and off we went to Gilley’s Dallas. Here are the girls at the entrance. Check out Esposa’s Tony Lamas, hawt!

Gilley’s was a little disappointing. First, it’s a lot smaller than the original Pasadena version. But there was a mechanical bull which I was about one shot of Patron away from riding. If it hadn’t been for my injuries I would have done it too.

No, seriously. I would have.

What’s so funny?

Really. I had stitches. And absolutely zero tequila.

Anyway, no good reason for including this picture except that I know of at least one Great White Northern reader will get a kick out of me in a cowboy hat and of course to show off my beautiful daughter.

No good pictures from the great college move in weekend. When we arrived the apartment complex was a zoo. Apparently the previous occupants had moved out only seconds before we arrived so the cleaning crews were just getting started. So it was the 5 man cleaning crew, 4 college roommates, 4 sets of parents/siblings and tons of girly move in stuff all in a small off campus apartment at the same time. There wasn’t really room for a camera.

The summer traditionally ends here on Labor Day. We did do a couple of football games this past weekend including travelling down to Aggieland to visit with the Princess for the first time in months (two weeks, but it seemed longer). But that’s another post……


2 thoughts on “What I Did On My Summer Vacation

  1. bigdino September 2, 2008 / 8:53 pm

    zz_OMG: what’w with the 37.8541178 litre hat? Do you have the pointy toed boots not imported from Italy to go with it? Are either of them fabricated from non-renewable sources. How’s about the big honkin silver belt buckle? Come on man, we eskimos (sorry Inuit Persons) want the TRUTH.

  2. semitough September 2, 2008 / 10:02 pm

    Pointy toed boots? Check.

    Silver belt buckle? Check.

    Inuit? Could you forward me the link to that “How to Spot an Eskimo” book?

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