Howdy! Back for a bit after some travels through East Texas and Northwest Louisiana. The thing about driving around East Texas is that you never know what you’ll see. There was the billboard advertising brain tumor removal through your nasal passages, alas couldn’t get the camera up for that one, but did get off a shot of this establishment:

I’m not sure exactly what it was. Note the steaming cup sign, maybe a Starbucks competitor. Starbuckaroos?

Regardless, the distinctive cowboy hat and bandit mask definitely give it that redneck joie d vive, that sort of hillbilly je ne sais quious that make it a perfect candidate for induction into the Semitough Hall of Crap.

So unnamed cowboy hat drive through place, this one is for you. Hoping you continue to sell whatever it is that you sell long enough for me to get back with a real camera and possibly test your wares. Whatever that might be.


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