NCAA Tourney Taint

I knew I couldn’t let the pictures speak for themselves. I was interested in what might be out there in the press. Without exception, all of the major sports outlets contained virtually identical articles, all with the same spin, same quotes, same same. Must have pulled it off the AP teletype, penciled their names at the top, faxed it to their editors and then hit the hotel bar.

Tim MacMahon posts in the DaMN sports blog:

Sloan, a fighter who began the week by going to his mother’s funeral, made a strong move to try to tie the score with seconds remaining. But he didn’t get a shot off, losing the ball in the lane. There might have been some contact, but there’s no way the refs blow the whistle in that situation in front of all those Bruins fans.

Might? Check the pics below Tim. And why “no way the refs blow the whistle?” Are NCAA officials such manginas that they cede control of the game to the fans? Does that not just encourage poor fan behavior? I mean I’m sure there was security there and metal detectors so there shouldn’t have been guns or explosive devices. What are you guys afraid of? Empty cups? Ice cubes? Cold wet beverages? Pussies. Do your job.

For the record, last night’s officials were Timothy Higgins, Brian O’Connell and Bryan Kersey. Let the email campaign begin Ags.

Terrance Harris asks the question on the Houston Chronicle blog. Answer: Yes Terrance, the Aggies were robbed.

Upon further review, it appears the block on Donald Sloan’s driving layup in the waning moments might have actually been a foul.

Next question. Will the mainstream sports media, after they finish their orgasm over UCLA’s tainted win, pick up on the story.

How about it ESPN? CBS? SI? Anyone?

Any of you hacks up for a little Easter Sunday introspection, ready to go beyond your rubber stamp newswire accounts of the game and look a little deeper?

UPDATED: A minor victory, after the Bruin mauling of Donald Sloan, UCLA scored with no time on the clock. The NCAA has disallowed the basket and revised the final score. Meh.

An even better shot of the “all ball” “block” on Sloan’s last shot. I just can’t seem to let this go. Time to move on, but you know, I’m just sayin’.


One thought on “NCAA Tourney Taint

  1. phoenix March 23, 2008 / 7:43 pm

    I’m late but Happy Easter!!
    ::: (\_(\
    *: (=’ :’) :*
    •.. (,(”)(”)¤°.¸¸.•´¯`»

    I am on a board at work… only missed 4 in the first round. 🙂

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