The Audacity of Obamaness

Reading the Saturday morning newbloginess through the Ace filter this afternoon and found a great post on the absolutely absurd assertion by the Obamaredeemer that he’s never heard many of Jeremiah Wright’s, his pastor, friend, mentor, and spiritual yoda, more extreme America hating, race baiting, paranoid conspiracy filled diatribes. Clearly bunk. Ace proves it.

About halfway through the post there’s a link to another great nugget of a post from Doug Ross @ Journal which juxtaposes Wright quotes with those of the Obamassiah. Very well done. But what jumped off the screen at me was this picture:

080315-obama-patriotism.jpg It’s clear from the actions of 3 out of 4 individuals in this shot what is going on. Obviously the national anthem is playing.

Um….excuse me senator but WTF?

Maybe they didn’t teach this at the madrassa you attended but when the national anthem’s playing it is traditional to place your right hand over the place where your heart would be if you weren’t an alien spaceform planted by intergalactic rogues bent on taking over our planet and wiping out the human race so that they could steal our carbon dioxide to cool the dilithium crystals that run their spaceships.

I started out not liking you. This picture ratchets that dislike up by a factor of thousands.


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