The Snowflake Generation

400px-p_snowflakesvg.pngI’ve noticed a disturbing trend in my burb. It has to do with how parents treat their kids. I should probably put on my curmudgeon hat. The one with the “Get off my lawn!!” patch, but this is less about “What are these gol-darned kids up to these days?” and more about what are parents thinking?

The Snowflake phenomenon is most notable in that most common of all suburban staples, the carpool line. We pull up at the back of the line, wait until we get to the drop off area, and first opportunity – drop of the kid unit. Not so the Snowflake parents. Apparently their little snowflake doesn’t need to be walking that far. And wait in line? No way, not for their snowflake. Drive to the front of the line. Stop in the middle of the driveway if necessary. Get out. Grab snowflake’s backpack. Open snowflake’s door. PUT SNOWFLAKE’S BACKPACK ON FOR HIM OR HER!! Then, only then, return to the driver’s seat and move the minivan which by now is blocking in 20 cars and the new arrivals are lined up down the street. This is a scened repeated every day, multiple times at my son’s middle school…..what’s that? Yes, I said middle school. No, not kindergarten or preschool, middle school. Like grades 6, 7 & 8. Some of these boys have hair under their arms. Girls too maybe, who knows?

The other place I’ve noticed this is at athletic events. Moms putting on snowflake’s shinguards or swim caps. Wonder if she helps him with the cup during baseball season. Budman has a teammate who’s Mom has to put on his cap & goggles before every swim. He’s THIRTEEN. But that’s not all. The Princess’ coach previously coached at a local college. He had a college swimmer that couldn’t put on his own cap….what’s that? No, you didn’t misunderstand, COLLEGE. University. Four year institution of higher learning. No sh|t.

It all has me wondering. (here comes the curmudgeon part) what are these kids going to do when they are on their own? I have visions of 30 year old snowflakes calling Mom over in the middle of the night to wipe their @55. And once they get married, who’s responsible for wiping the spouse’s @55? Bride’s parents or groom’s? What sort of dependent generation are being raised here?

I’ve heard about the helicopter parent thing. Parents doing their kid’s college assignments, contacting professors, even going to job fairs for them and speaking with prospective employers.

It’s the next phase in helicopter parenting, a term coined for those who have hovered over their children’s lives from kindergarten to college. Now they are inserting themselves into their kids’ job search — and school officials and employers say it’s a problem that may be hampering some young people’s careers.

There’s only one thing to say to that:



2 thoughts on “The Snowflake Generation

  1. Judith Rynne September 23, 2011 / 10:20 am

    As far as the “Snowflake'” generation is concerned. The definintion of an actual snowflake really fits the bill: 1. DELICATE
    2. UNIQUE (as in SPECIAL)
    3.The second life turns up the heat, they MELT!
    Also: I think it`s a result of certain people being ADDICTED to PARENTHOOD!

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