Weekends are the time for denizens of the suburban jungle to engage in the weekly hunting/gathering ritual. So it was for Esposa and myownself today.

First a trip to the Costco to gather large bags of frozen chicken parts, giant cartons of various snack foods and many, many Gatorades.

Next stop the local Tom Thumb where during the hunting/gathering process Esposa spotted this:


(You see what I did there?)

There it was, right between the Jaffa Bars and the Treacle for all to see. So I whipped out my Curve and snapped off a shot (did it again) with the inbuilt .002 megapixel.

Among the many questions yet to be answered:

Why canned when there is an ample supply of locally grown fresh available?


2 thoughts on “Spotted

  1. bigdino February 24, 2008 / 6:26 pm

    Your monarch gave you many traditions like spotted dick, treacle and haggis. Were you grateful? Noooo! You promptly engaged in a revolution over some spilt tea (well there were nasty taxes too I’ll admit) so you could establish your own wacko culinary traditions, like canned pig brains in milk.

    Give me the Treacle any day.

  2. semitough February 24, 2008 / 6:35 pm

    Basically I refuse to accept criticism from the country that basically brought us poutine.

    Wait….Quebec is still basically part of Canada isn’t it? At least technically. Basically.

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