Catching Up

lgindhead.jpgI guess I should have put one of these up after my last post.  “Semitough has reached the end of the broadcast day.” Younger readers accustomed to 24X7 television may not recognize a test pattern or understand that TV stations used to sign off for the night and there was nothing on overnight.

One of the perils of living in the Suburban Jungle is that one never knows when life events, kid activities, or simple ennui will overwhelm what precious little free time we have.

My deal over the past few weeks is a little bit of all three. First I got a new gig at work. Still finishing off the old one, but I was one of the lucky ones. Lots of good folk are moving on. Between The Princess and her senior activities, everything is “the last time I’ll ever….” and the Budman and his sports activities it has been hectic. Throw in a little traditional Semitough Holiday Funk ™ and there you go. No blogging. So now to catch up here is the last few weeks in a nutshell.


The local gridders continued their romp through the 5A playoffs winning their Regional Final and qualifying to play in the State Semifinal. Unfortunately the boys fell short this past Saturday night on the very same Texas Stadium field where their playoff quest began. Plano’s unprecedented eighth Texas state football championship will have to wait for next year. Much of Plano was at the game and all who were there agreed, these guys left it all on the field. They were battered and hurting but gave it their all, losing by a field goal in double overtime. Good job Wildcats! I’d tell you what classless clowns the Trinity Trojans, their student body and their fans are with their longtime (dating back to 2005) sacred haka dance ritual, but if I told you all what a bunch of whimpy posers they are that would sound like sour grapes so I won’t. I won’t even go into how rude and immature their students were during the Star Spangled Banner or how after that show of disrespect they got all bent because the Plano band played the fight song during their special rite. No, that could definitely be construed as sour grapes so I won’t even go there. Even telling that one Samoan dude to get a haircut might be misunderstood so I won’t even say that. Seriously. My lips are sealed.

Speaking of football…..the Aggies are playing Penn State in the Alamo Bowl down in lovely San Antonio. Guess who has 4 tickets and a reservation at the Hyatt Riverwalk. Go on. Guess. Pictures will definitely follow, maybe even video.

Speaking of Aggies, admission application has been submitted. The Princess is one step closer. Now the big step, getting admitted.

Speaking of submitted, this blog’s Northern correspondent has submitted photos that will absolutely go viral once posted. I’m negotiating with his agent, Mr. Nimbus, for exclusive North American publication rights so stay tuned for something never before seen or attempted at least as far as you know.

Speaking of staying tuned, we have reached the end of Semitough’s broadcast day. Tune in for more “Bloggin’ the Burbs” tomorrow. Or whenever I get around to it.


One thought on “Catching Up

  1. businessgolf December 18, 2007 / 1:11 pm

    I think you have provided the flag waving ceremony and the music that use to be played just before the test pattern comes and with that loud tone that was to wake the dead…which I remember I remember waking up to a few times while attempting to stay up with my dad to watch the Slam-Bang-Theater…OH, what kids today are missing…or NOT!.

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