Zoo Freak Redux

kzewfreak.jpgAwhile back I posted a wistful look back at my wasted youth and my preoccupation with KZEW 98 FM, an album rock format station from back in the day. Since then I’ve had a steady stream of visitors. Seems that not a day goes by without some search engine somewhere pointing another lost soul to these parts of the googletubes. Some comment, others just move on. But two recent visitors deserve note. First a note from Kelly Clarke who was a Zoo jock for a time. I had a sweet link to her blog but have misplaced it. And lately a note from long time KZEW personality Ken Rundel. Ken reports that he’s living in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. He also turned me on to a link to Radio Free Phoenix, an internet radio venture billing itself as “Free Form Rock”.

I’ve had it on playing in the background for over an hour and you should really check it out. As they say….”You never know what will be next”. Seriously. Check it out. Ken does a show every Saturday at 3 pm Phoenix time. I’m going to fire up the atomic clock calculator and see if I can convert that to the Central time zone and listen in.

Thanks to Kelly & Ken for stopping by.

Is it just my fading, faltering memory or did the older Zoo Freak stickers bear the legend “Rot Your Mind” at the bottom? I posted that in my first blog but haven’t been able to locate any visual confirmation.


5 thoughts on “Zoo Freak Redux

  1. businessgolf November 28, 2007 / 11:33 am

    Yep, I ran into the Radio Free Phoenix sometime ago..I till like Red Beard and Jon Dillon on the Lone Star…you can’t get anymore KZEW than that…and I have Lone Star playing online while I am writing this…maybe there needs to be a battle of the online stations.

  2. TheSheik December 3, 2007 / 5:42 pm

    enjoyed a quick visit to your site.

    back in the 70s’ we could pick-up The Zoo out here in West Texas (Abilene) barely some nights, and then they invented FM radio over the TV cable! so high tech – how can you improve on that ?

    anyway, loved The Zoo – loved their huge summertime concert productions too – never made one of those, but heard many many stories.

    There was some sort of motto on the bottom, but rot your mind doesn’t sound right, was it blow your mind ? or free your mind ?

    again thanks for the read

  3. Betsy December 15, 2007 / 4:58 pm

    Thanks for the mention, and here you go: http://bthaggard.blogspot.com/2007/11/kzew.html
    (surprise, there’s a real name behind Kelly Clarke!)

    I’m shocked, shocked to find no Wikipedia entry for KZEW, and I just wrote Ken to see what we can do together to fix that.

    the former Kelly Clarke

  4. Betsy December 15, 2007 / 5:00 pm

    By the way, I think you’re right about “Rot your mind” and I even think I’ve seen it recently but am drawing a blank about where.

  5. Zachariah March 24, 2009 / 6:45 pm

    I own a zoo freak t shirt, it does say “rot your mind”.

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