Starburst Lotto

strburst.jpgKilling off some leftover Hallow’een candy. We got the little two pack funsize Starburst. Problem is from the outside you can’t tell what you’re gonna get.  (Insert Forest Gump reference here).

I have in front of me 4 packages of two. One regular Starburst flavor and three Baja California flavors. What the heck. I worked out this week. To our game:

1. Regular Starburst – orange-pink (strawberry) combo. Sort of like 17 in Blackjack. The king comes up (the pink) then the 7 pops out and you’re stuck.

2. Baja California Starburst – red-blue combo. Aztec Punch and Baja Dragonfruit. If these were my hole cards, I’d fold.

3. Baja California Starburst – green-pink combo. Limon and Strawberry Watermelon. Like drawing the Ace of Spades and a duece. Fold again.

Last hand.

4. Baja California Starburst – green-red combo. What is it about the green flavor in any pack? Never could give away the green Livesaver either.

My dreams of a Yahtzee pink-pink combo have been dashed. Oh well. Gotta go watch my teeth rot.

Update: I have been informed by Canadian medical authorities that eating Starburst in these quantities is unhealthy. So please children, do not try this at home. Particularly those who live in my home and depend on me to pay for dental and orthodontic expenses.

I’m further informed that Starburst consumption in this fashion can lead to weight gain, baldness, impatience and intermittent erectile dysfunction. If only I’d known this years ago.


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