Variations on a Theme Park

tower.jpgScored some sweet tickets to the Six Flags this weekend. A friend’s wife works for a company that rented out the park for a “private” party. Turns out it was semi-private, but that’s OK. Lines were still short and we had a beautiful day.

One of the most distinctive things about Six Flags over Texas in Arlington is the 300 ft. oil derrick that sits along I-30 (that’s the Dallas-Ft. Worth Turnpike to you older readers). When Six Flags opened in 1961 it was really as much an educational experience as anything else. A true theme park with a theme. Texas has existed under six distinctly different flags, Spain, Mexico, France, the Texas Republic, the Confederate States, and the USA. Each section of the park was a recreation of those six eras with rides thrown in for fun.

bugsdaffy.jpgAt somepoint Texas became Loony Tunes because that section was added, and then later some sort of Bat haven because Batman moved in. Six Flags is now a national corporation with lots of parks in lots of places so the emphasis is now more on hip cool stuff that can be leveraged at all their parks rather than tailored to fit the theme. On the bright side, where else can you hobnob with real stars? See Budman at right rubbing elbows with the likes of Hollywood superstars B. Bunny and D. Duck. Simply starstruck.

newstadia.jpgArlington is quickly becoming an entertainment mecca. In the 60’s there was a small minor league stadium next door which ended up becoming home to the Texas Rangers (nee Washington Senators) in the 70’s. The 80’s saw G.W. Bush lead the effort to build a new ballpark, aptly named The Ballpark, in it’s place. The latest entrant into the Arlington entertainment lottery is Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. JJ is building a new version of his old stadium, one where he can have plenty of revenue producing skyboxes and fill in the hole in the roof when it rains. It looks something like Texas Stadium, just without the class of the original I.M. Pei design. Note picture above taken from the tower with the apex of Six Flag’s Titan rollercoaster in the foreground, The Ballpark, and then the under construction Jonesland. Parking should be fun on gameday.

Esposa and myownself have elevated people watching to an art form. If there were a Super Bowl of people watching, we’d be in it. And the park this Saturday was a veritable Yosemite Sam’s Lost Gold Mine ride of targets. I don’t think, outside of the State Fair of Texas, that there has ever been a wider assortment of characters (not the ones pictured above, the human ones) to watch and comment on. A game we have grown increasingly fond of lately is “Guy or Girl?”. Loosely based on the Saturday Night Live character Pat, in this game to try to discern the gender of a specific target. Outside of that the rules are pretty loose. We both did pretty well and am pretty sure we nailed the correct gender on most of our targets. The lesbian couple I nicknamed Snaggletooth McJuggs & the Manster were challenging. Snaggy McJuggs was a gimme, but the Manster took some effort. But there was one in particular that we are still debating today. So I’ll put it to you Intertubers, Guy or Girl?


See. Not so easy is it?


2 thoughts on “Variations on a Theme Park

  1. Extra P. November 5, 2007 / 11:56 am

    Hmm… Green Bay jersey, but svelte. I’m going to say gal.

  2. businessgolf November 5, 2007 / 7:12 pm

    Whoa!…I’d say this PERSON spent one too many winter nights outside in Green Bay… I would have to lean towards saying this was a Dudette for this one..

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