Where You At?

You know where I’m at. I’m in the burbs fighting the good fight. And I know where you at. You’re out there in the intertubes wondering where I’m at.

Seems every time I get into a posting groove life events overtake and I end up two weeks later with more ideas bouncing around in my head than I can write about. So here’s a quick catch up:

The Friday Night *ights has gone on hiatus. First because I’ve run out of things that rhyme with Nights and second, missed a game, then a week. But the Cats are still winning. Two Fridays ago in a walk over the Pirates from Wide Awake Wylie and last Friday in a defensive battle with crosstown rival Plano West. With two games left in the season the Plano gridders have clinched a playoff spot. The biggest test will be this Friday’s other crosstown rival, the Panthers of Plano East.

Thanks to Extrapolater for the shout out in advance of this weekend’s A&M – Kansas game. The only thing I can say is that at least the Ags stayed in the stadium with the high powered Jayhawks. If I had doubts before, they are now removed. Kansas looks good and is for real. Also thanks ExtraP for not rubbing it in.

Best tshirt out of the Kansas game was seen on a Kansas fan….”Our Coach Ate Your 12th Man.” That’s funny I don’t care who you are. Countering the tshirt, some Aggie fans engaged in ManginO’lantern carving and other sundry activities.

guitar-hero-iii-1.jpgAs previously reported, the Budman had a birthday. We had a massive teen party with what seemed like hundreds of screaming teens in attendance. He scored enough Target Gift Card booty to get both Guitar Hero III AND Halo 3 to go with the Xbox 360 Esposa and I fronted him on the day. I played Foghat’s Slow Ride once and I’m hooked.

What else? Oh yeah! I got a new whip. New to me at least. No more carbon pumping MiniSUV Express for this Greenie. I have joined the dark side, cashed in my carbon offsets for gas money and hit the streets in this fine ride…..

cobalt2.jpgThat’s right. It’s a 2.2L ’06 Chevy Cobalt. What’s wrong with that? I blew from Texas Motor Speedway to North Plano in just under 45 minutes at 35 mpg this afternoon. So just shut up. I even passed some macho guys driving pickups. Environment ruining losers. Don’t blame me when global warming makes your babies come out naked. You’ve been warned.

Seriously, I saved enough carbon credits that now I don’t have to quit burning the trash in a barrel out back. There’s nothing like tossing Momma’s empty hair spray cans into a roaring trash fire, cooking it off for a bit, then watching the sparks fly in a frantasmical hillbilly fireworks display.

The picture above is not my car, but a reasonable facsimile. It’s even parked in front of a doublewide to simulate what it looks like parked out front of the Semitough Love Ranchette.

Here’s where I need some help. I need to give the new whip a name. I was thinking El Fuego del Diablo or somesuch, but I’m open to suggestions. Something manly to counter the “grlie” reputation these cars seem to have up North. Post yours in the comments or email them to me and we’ll select a winner.


2 thoughts on “Where You At?

  1. Duke October 30, 2007 / 4:36 pm

    How about naming it ‘Turd Hearse’ Or is that one already taken?

  2. nad83 October 31, 2007 / 10:02 pm

    Refer to it as your ‘Ebony Tiger’ so people will think you’re both crazy and insane.

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