Soldier of Fortunes

chinese_takeout.jpgVentured back to Panda Express for the first time since the unfortunate incident at their South Houston store. New kung pao shack over on the east side. It’s quick, it’s convenient. What the heck.

Those who know me are aware of the insanity being perpetrated at my workplace.

I don’t blog about work because it’s bad juju and because no one would believe it anyway. Suffice it to say, I’m looking.

So imagine my kharmic metaphysical delight to find the following four fortunes in our collective family cookies tonight:

Semitough’s: Many opportunities are open to you. Seek them out.

Already stipulated. I’m seeking sensei. Tell me more…

Esposa’s: Soon someone will make you very proud.

Who? Me? From your fortune cookie to Yahweh’s ear.

Princess’s: You will discover new frontiers.

OK. So technically this is her fortune, but I want to discover new frontiers also so let’s just keep this about me. Work with me.

Budman’s: Your opportunities are many.

Again. Work with me. Keep it about me.

chinese-anyone2.jpgAs I’m typing this it occurs to me that this is probably not about a job at all. It’s a sign by Odin to play the fortune cookie numbers in tomorrow night’s drawing. Fortunes…..fortune. I figured out the deep symbolism. I’m smart like that. So I turn over the little slips looking for my Lotto numbers.

No firkin’ numbers.


Guess I won’t be calling in sick tomorrow after all.

P.S. My humble blog has a new reader. Welcome aboard Number One. Hug Tinker Belle and your lovely bride to be for me.


2 thoughts on “Soldier of Fortunes

  1. businessgolf October 21, 2007 / 1:43 pm

    Maybe your fortune is to writing fortune cookies instead of reading them.

  2. semitough October 21, 2007 / 5:32 pm

    OK. I’ll give it a shot:

    Only a fool would seek his fortune in a free cookie from a fast food joint.

    I think I’d better stick with the day job.

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