Score: Teens 2 Parents 2

The balance of power has shifted at the Semitough Love Ranchette and Trailer Park. Young Energizer Buddy has aged up. What was once a semi-peaceful household with only a single teen has now morphed into a full on raging Teen House. The parent:teen ratio is now 1:1, meaning as the hormones flow, so flows the household. 

In the wee hours of the morning 13 years ago Budman became the first North Texas baby born on Columbus Day. This led to an extremely surreal ceremony in our Baptist home when the local Knights of Columbus grand poobah, vice grand poobah and “Father Bob”, sort of a Three Wise Guys scene, came calling to bestow their blessings and a $25 savings bond in honorarium of his fortuitous birth. While we’re not Catholic, a blessing is a blessing, and it was nice of them to come.

So Crazy Aggie Teenage Swimmer Man, this blog’s for you.

Happy Birthday


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