It Just Keeps Getting Sweeter

Last week I had a little schadenfreude fun at the expense of Big XII nemisises (nemisi? Are you allowed to have more than one nemisis?) Texas and Oklahoma who both lost games they were expected to win. Well with the Big Name-Your-Sponsor Red River Shootout here in Dallas this weekend, one of them was bound to go down two weeks in a row. I think the picture below says it all, it was the sweetest possible weekend for an Aggie fan.sadsip.jpg

The Aggies come back from a 0-17 halftime deficit to win 24-20 over the Okie State Cowboys while the Longhorns lose in Dallas.

It may sound peurile to giggle like a little schoolgirl because a rival football team dropped a couple of games in a row, but when you live in Texas, especially Austin or Dallas, the incessant Sip Pumpers and associated t-shirt fans can make one resentful. (That sound you just heard was the drawer slamming on all the burnt orange tshirts until next year) In point of fact, the same goes for the Sooners. For this week at least it’s just the lesser of two weasels.

In other shadenfreude action, the Golden Domers shattered a 5 week gigglefest by winning a game. Which is probably a good thing because they were actually almost becoming too pitiful to make fun of.



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