Friday Night Fights

The hometown boys hit the road headed south this Friday for a little hot Wildcat on Wildcat action with the gents from Lake Highlands, which is a Richardson school located in Dallas that shares a stadium with Berkner HS which IS in Richardson. Go figure.

Well the hot action turned cold pretty quick for the southern Wildcats. The Great Northern Cats had a 34-0 shut out going into halftime, and coasted to a 41-6 victory on the legs of Mr. Do-it-all, Rex Burkhead, who led all rushers with 126 yards on 10 carries with 3 TDs. The other scores were split up between receivers Nate Christian and Kris Lott as a part of Carson Meger’s 202 yard passing night.

Last Friday’s powerhouse Allen Eagles found themselves in for the fight of their young district season against Lake Highland’s stadium-mate, Berkner Rams. The scrappy Rams took the Eagles into double overtime before finally succumbing to the incessant Eagle passing attack 49-56.

The Iggles gained 361 air yards, 202 of those to last week’s featured “look out for this kid”, Dan Buckner. However, they also found a ground game and earned 451 yards the old fashioned way, 277 of that gained by young Jeremiah Williams another name to keep in the back of the mind.

All that to say, this district is wide open. Next week’s homecoming victim is the same Berkner team that put up 444 pass yards, 159 rush yards and 49 points on the team that beat us last week. The week after is the ever resurgent Wylie Pirates who manhandled Berkner. Not to mention the neighbors, Plano East & Plano West.

Looks like we might have a fight on our hands.


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