Schadenfreude is a German word that is generally defined as “taking pleasure from someone else’s misfortune”. Having endured the Miami debacle and the associated snickering every time I wore an Aggie cap or tshirt outside the house for the past 13 days, I must admit to a bit of schadenfreude this weekend.

Colorado 27 Oklahoma 24

Does Bob Stoops hate small children and make them cry?

ou_crying.jpg Apparently, the answer is yes.

I almost feel bad using this picture, but I think the thing that makes it OK is that it calls attention to what must be going on in this tot’s home in order for him to be taking this loss so hard. Either he’s Stoop’s kid or he’s thinking “Now Daddy’s gonna beat Momma up like he did the last time the Sooners lost.”

Kansas State 41 Texas 21

At Darrel K. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium, in front of the home crowd, students, frat boys, sorority chicks, and multitudes of T-shirt bandwagon fans. The ESPN crew, clearly trying to distract from the carnage on the field, seemed preoccupied with the tu cheerleaders and whoever those skanks are in the chaps. After a brisk halftime rainshower they scoured the crowd for busty coeds in wet t-shirts. Anything but what was happening on the field. Even the announcers got into it, just after a late KSU interception early in the 4th quarter they created an imaginary threat of a “hail shower” to explain the migration of burnt orange up the tunnels and out of the stadium. By game’s end the skies were clear.

There were other upsets of note, but none so sweet to an Aggie fan in Dallas. After weeks of being subjected to Texas-OU hype, now the Dallas/ESPN/ABC/Disney darlings will both limp into  Dallas for the <insert corporate sponsor here> Red River Shootout next weekend at the Cotton Bowl. Local stores report a drastic decline in t-shirt sales immediately following the games. The Dallas Morning News sports section, notorious pumpers of the Texas-OU game (they also own the local ABC affiliate), had zero Texas-OU news on the front page of the sports section.

Sweet, sweet schadenfreude.


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