Friday Night Flight

First road test for the 2-0 Wildcats this week. Down into the depths of Dallas to play the vaunted Carter Cowboys of Friday Night Lights (the movie, they were the ones who played Permian in the mythical modified for dramatic purposes state championship game) fame. Carter came into Plano last season and surprised the 2-0 Wildcats who proceeded to go 4-6 last year and miss the playoffs after a quarterfinal appearance the previous season, losing to eventual State Champion Southlake Carroll Dragons.

As a side note, you can watch the Dragons tonight on ESPN as they take on another perennial HS football powerhouse, Miami Northwestern.

 The Plano-Carter matchup was highly touted by our local MSM outlet, Plano ranked number 7 in the North Texas area, Carter number 12. Much was made of last year’s upset at Clark. Wildcat faithful were fearful. Needlessly so as it turns out, the Cats won easily 42-7, with the 7 being late 4th quarter trash points probably scored against the Plano scout team. Starters were benched at halftime.

Neither the teen nor her parental units were in attendance. The Princess took one of her allotted college visits to (guess where?) Texas A&M. She must be doing fine. She’s texted a couple of times. And she scored a date to Midnight Yell with a senior CT, a company commander no less. Nothing to worry about here. What could possibly go wrong?

Oh deer.


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