Friday Night Lights

clark_stadium.jpgBig night here on the Texas prairie. High school football is back. The local gridders had their home opener at the newly renovated Clark Stadium versus the Skeeters of Mesquite.

Ironically, The Princess missed the first home football game of her senior year because she had to work. She was much chagrined to find that Mom, Dad and Little Brother were not boycotting in solidarity with her cause. As some form of small solace Esposa kept her advised via txt msg on the scores and wappenings at the game.

This was a non-district matchup for the local boys and they got off to a slow start, allowing the visitors to chalk up the first score on the newly renovated jumbotron scoreboard.

scoreboard.jpgBut there was little doubt left by the end of the game, Wildcats owned the second half and ended the contest up by a score of 31-13.

Texas high school football is sacred down here, especially in towns like ours with a rich tradition of winning. Plano was recently cited in a Texas Monthly feature as the number two all time high school football program in the state. Seven times state champion, twice runners up, and 30 district championships, the Wildcats are second only to the Wichita Falls Coyotes who dominated Texas football in the 40’s, 50’s and early 60’s. The Cats closest brush with a championship in recent years was a trip to the quarterfinals in 2005, losing to eventual state champion – Southlake Carroll (number 11 on TMs list, with a bullet.)

No telling yet where this year’s version will end up. Off to a good start though. Now it’s off to College Station to attend the Montana State game tomorrow. Thank the G*ds football season is back. Now if it would just cool off a little bit.



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