Indescribably Delicious


This story has it all. Dangerous products from China, trailer parks, Walmart, flip flops and googleweb results presented as evidence. Bonus? It comes to us from the mighty metropolis of Gun Barrel City, TX. Double bonus? Video complete with rashy feet goodness.

Further adding to the fun factoring, GBC is the town Semitough called home for over a decade. Seeing it in a story linked off Drudge brings a rush of trailer park pride that can’t be washed off with Lava soap.

Research note: The fun just keeps on coming. Who knew Lava soap was now a brand brought to you by the redneck lubricant of choice, WD40?

My cup runneth over.


2 thoughts on “Indescribably Delicious

  1. Scot Duke August 31, 2007 / 5:58 am

    Didn’t Mike Judge rip GBC on “King of the Hill” when Hank was going to show Bobby how to fish? It was where Hank drove out to “Shotgun Barrel City” to put the boat in “China Berry Creek Lake” (ala Cedar Creek Lake) and they were greeted by the game warden with a shotgun who was leasing space on the Lake to fish. Charging $500 for crappy, $200 Catfish, $100 for Carp, $50 for turtles…Hank got upset and the game warden settle for letting him put in a trotline for $20 with a 25 hook limit. Hank paid in just to keep from loosing face with Bobby and when the game warden took them to the spot he leased Hank there were about fifty other people anchored around all holding shotguns guarding their lines from people from Harland who they accused of running their lines … Was I dreaming or was that story line pretty close to being how it is out in GBC? Of course I sleep a lot now after wanting too much King of the Hill…

  2. semitough August 31, 2007 / 6:03 am

    Was that King of the Hill? I thought that was a documentary.

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