Semitough: Banned in Turkey!

Well, to be more specific all blogs on have been blocked/banned. But true nonetheless that my Turkish readers are now deprived of my witty bon mots and insightful commentary. Never have I felt more at one with my compatriot, Billy Hayes who said:

To the Turks, everything is “shurla burla”, which means “like this, like that”. You never know what will happen. All foreigners are “ayip”, they’re considered dirty. So is homosexuality, it’s a big crime here, but most of them do it every chance they get. There are about thousand things that are “ayip”, for instance, you can stab or shoot somebody below the waist but not above because that’s intent to kill. So everyone runs around stabbing everyone else in the ass. That’s what they call Turkish revenge. I know it must all sound crazy to you, but this place is crazy.

But the Turkish courts have spoken. To them I say….”…Attica! Attica!, Attica!


2 thoughts on “Semitough: Banned in Turkey!

  1. Duke August 20, 2007 / 7:47 pm

    OK, you have said a lot here and I just want to know about this Turkish law about homosexuality and stabbing someone in the ass… It sounds like there is some connection to those two crimes?

  2. semitough August 20, 2007 / 8:39 pm

    I can’t quote the legal citations and it’s a possibility that Billy was a bit bitter (and maybe a little sore) after his stint in Turkish prison. But you know when you have several kilos of opium duct taped to your body in the Istanbul airport, a little time in county is to be expected.

    I guess if I wasn’t specifically banned in Turkey before there’s a good possibility I am now. Wonder if they have a no-blog list?

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