Happy Birthday To Suburban Guerilla

cake.jpgHard to believe it’s been a year since my first post here in this space. What started as a sort of personal experiment has become something much larger. It has grown way beyond what I thought it would be, the real surprise being just how much work it takes to do this even as unevenly as I do. I’ve definitely come to appreciate those who are dedicated and do this not only every day, but many times per day. Even this little epistle, this ode to me, is taking far longer than it should due to my continued, unimproved, and unapologetic incompetence.

While my stats aren’t much in the grand scheme of things I’m still humbled at the number of people who end up here by whatever means and read or leave comments. I know they are all as busy as I am and I appreciate the encouragement and while like all bloggers (did I just call myself a blogger?) I will say that I don’t give a rat’s ass if anyone reads or not, knowing that they do is very gratifying.

A few stats for the year, because after all, what is life without metrics?

  • Almost 10,000 hits
  • 155 posts
  • And of course, over 15,000 spam comments

I still wonder what this will become. I know that I’m unfocused and should probably pick a subject and stick with it. But there are already tons of great political blogs, sports blogs, etc. all written by people far wittier and articulate than I.

So at least for now it stays how it started out. Sort of a place to talk about family and the perils of life in the suburban jungle.

Thanks to everyone who stops by every now and then and welcome to the family.

Tough out.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Suburban Guerilla

  1. Scot Duke August 8, 2007 / 1:51 pm

    I am with ya bro…it does take a lot of work to post these blogs…just think…I have five sites I blog on. Why do ya think I am taking sabbatical? I am taking a break to put more energy in writing my next book about all of the stuff I ran into here in the blogsphere.

    I think you should keep going with what you are doing…you hit on some good stuff that gets me going…and if I can find time to hit your site I am sure there will be others heading your way…

    You know that old saying…”if you build it they will come”…or was that Kevin Costner on drugs? Anyway it applies here.

    Keep it coming…I am reading it…

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