Long Distance Dedication

Received an internets shout out from blogroll buddy Extra P in a most excellent post on the work of Texas music icon Townes Van Zandt. Revectoring his prodigous wit and insight normally reserved for the sports world, focusing on a subject near and dear to my heart. I’m thinking I should just shut down my blog, leaving a single post – “What He Said” and pointing to The Extrapolater. He’s just that good.

I guess distance gives perspective. Being from Texas, having lived in Van Zandt county (named for TVZ’s 3 X great grandfather, seriously – look it up), having great country radio stations like KHYI , and great music venues like Love & War in Texas down the street you take great Texas music for granted. It’s not unusual for an artist like Ed Burleson, or Gary P. Nunn, or Darryl Lee Rush to play Gruene Hall on Friday or Saturday and be up here in Plano for Shiner Sundays on the Back Porch at LAWT.


Princess & Esposa enjoying the vocal stylings of Houston Marchman on The Back Porch.

So when you get that unquenchable hankering for good Texas music, point your Intertube browser to KHYI – 95.3 – The Range and listen in awhile. You’ll certainly hear TVZ and plenty of other great Texas artists. Or just drop us an email and we’ll meet you down at LAWT for a smokin’ cold Shiner Bock and some hot Texas music.


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