To Those Who Wait

A few weeks back I posted a video I pulled together from pictures taken by my nephews and brother-in-law in Afghanistan and Iraq. I found this video that examines the other half of that equation, the wives and children who wait at home. I don’t know any of the folks in this video but I certainly recognize the emotion.

kearsarge.jpgI remember very well when my stepfather’s ship was deployed to Vietnam. I remember the excitement and tears as we all lined up at the dock, staring up at the huge cliff-like visage of the USS Kearsarge, scanning the deck and the gangplank looking for him among hundreds of others of sailors. Him looking down searching for us among hundreds of other anxious family members.

On this holiday I’d like to remember the families of those who have loved ones in harm’s way and must somehow go about the business of living a “normal” life.

I’m not sure how Jan, Jenn, Calli, and Barbara do it. They, as much as their brave husbands, represent the greatest strength of this nation.

Ladies, this one is for you. Happy Fourth of July!


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