Friday Funkishness

Stevie Ray Vaughan – Texas Flood

Duke got me to thinking about Dallas when it was Dallas this week and this video brings back some memories of a different Dallas. It was the mid-80’s – Dallas had shed the image of being the City That Killed JFK ™ and was on it’s way to becoming a world class city. Some friends and I had attended a Mavs game at Rowdy Reunion Arena and heading east when we remembered Stevie Ray Vaughn was playing at the Fair Park Coliseum. Of course we were too late to buy tickets and apparently the folks at the door were above bribes. But on the way to the car, disappointed and dejected, one of the roadies opened the back doors. It was hot inside the old Coliseum, normally used for the State Fair Rodeo, and Stevie wanted some air. We were able to stand by the back door, about 20-30 feet behind the immortal SRV and watch him finish his set. Amazing.

Rest in peace Stevie.


One thought on “Friday Funkishness

  1. Scot Duke May 22, 2007 / 9:24 am

    Since we are stirring memories of Dallas in the days before LBJ Freeway…when I was eight was when I was introduced to playing guitar by my great-aunt who lived in Oak Cliff. She would play and I would listen then go home and try to remember how her fingers were on the fret board. One summer my parents let me stay with her overnight and during dinner we hear some music coming from outside which was no unusal in Oak Cliff in 1960. The music went on for hours and when we went outside to sit on the back porch and my aunt start playing her blues guitar she stopped and asked me what all the noise was which was to me music. She said, lets go find out who that is. So we let our ears lead up donw the street about four blocks to a house where the music was coming from the garage that had the door closed. It was so load you could hear yourself think…then about that time the music stopped and the door open and there were these three kids, ringing with sweat from being in that garage with the door closed,playing for more than an hour…one of the kids was my age and he comes out with a guitar bigger than him strapped on and it was Stevie…he sat down on the side walk where the wind was so he could cool off and while the others were in the house where the air conditioning was he lit into an instrumental of so old Texas blues…he played it like someone much older than him…now this made my great-aunt very happy so we stayed an listened…then Jimmy comes out and tells him to bring it in since the neighbors are complaining again… That was the only time I got to see Stevie…and every time I went to see my great aunt I would run down there and he would not be there… That’s My Dallas and SRV story for ya… have a great day and keep those blogs about Dallas in OUR day coming.

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