No Surprise Here

A new survey reports that the rudest drivers in the nation are in Miami. Anyone who’s driven there will attest to the complete and total self-absorbtion of Miami autophiliacs. Not sure if it’s the heat or the humidity but S. Florida drivers have little patience for traffic or those who make up traffic (themselves excluded). I gotta admit if I had to drive the Palmetto every day I might be a little pissed too.

Surprisingly the DFW Multimegaplex came in in the bottom quartile (21st out of 25). They must have come on a Sunday while everyone was in church. Thank goodness they didn’t try to hit Luby’s for lunch or we’d have soared up the list. Others making the rude list:

1. Miami

2. New York (Duh!)

3. Boston (Wicked rude.)

4. Los Angeles (Welcome to “laid back” California)

5. Washington, D.C. (Eff you Senator)

6. Phoenix (Maybe it’s not the humidity)

7. Chicago (Especially at closing time)

8. Sacramento, Calif.  (Huh?)

9. Philadelphia (City of Brotherly….what the?…Hey, watch it pal!)

10. San Francisco (Some people are just vicious.)

11. Houston (Reason #1253 why normal people should avoid Houston.)


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