And Then There Were None

mavslose.jpgThis is the last known photograph of the late great Dallas Mavericks and their eccentric billionaire owner taken last night at Oracle Arena in Oakland.

As former NBA MVP candidate Dirk Nowitski and uberowner Mark Cuban look to the heavens for guidance and the answer to the Mavs sudden fall from grace, as the clock clicked down to zeros, there was a blinding flash of light followed by a loud popping noise. When the smoke cleared the Mavericks had vanished.

It remains to be seen if the vanishment was a result of some voodoo spell propagated by Don “Houdini” Nelson or simply a physical result of the intense low pressure reverse black hole created by Mavs suckage in this series. Also yet to be determined is when and where this team, so full of talent, potential and possibly themselves, will reappear. If ever. Just like the Dallas Stars “poofed” in the first round. So go the Mavericks, the only other professional sports team in Dallas.

Clearly Nelson has taken his team of overachievers to heights that as an eight seed they were not intended to reach. And clearly Nelly has created an expectation among his players and fans that Golden State can and will exceed expectations, if not this year then next.

But Avery Johnson and Mark Cuban did the same last season. Making the finals last year then following that up with a crazily successful regular season had all the pundits calling for GSW to go down in four….maybe five. So much for pundits.

Cuban says no major changes. But I don’t believe him. He’s a tinkerer and for better or worse he loves the game. That’s why I thought he and Nelly were the perfect match. The Mad Genius owner paired with the Mad Genius coach. Finding ways to win where none thought it possible. Nelly’s still got it going on with Golden State.

Your move Mark. Better make it a good one.


3 thoughts on “And Then There Were None

  1. flavadave May 4, 2007 / 11:55 am

    The Pacers will be shopping Jermaine O’Neal. Do you think Cuban would be willing to give up some of his good young guards for the services of JO?

  2. semitough May 4, 2007 / 3:36 pm

    @ flavadave: No telling what Mark will do once the funk clears. A couple of hard sessions on the Stairmaster and a few snarky blog posts before he starts shaking things up. Remember we’re talking about the guy who brought in a washed up Dennis Rodman and moved him into the spare bedroom. No one knows what this guy will do, but guaranteed he’ll do something and guard is where he likes to do it.

    Jason – enjoy the well earned celebration. Noting will move Mark forward like watching Nelly coach in the finals. If I didn’t believe before I certainly do now. Good luck.

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