Slip Sliding Away

black_ribbon_100.jpgFifty years ago today, in a tiny backwater Louisiana town, Small Town Bettye and Fully Tough made their way to the little parrish hospital. Before the day was finished they would be parents of the baby who would become Semitough.

Bettye and Tough didn’t make it through to be here to celebrate my day with me today. Maybe I’ll have to tell their stories here. But some things are just too hard to write, so maybe not. We’ll see.

Esposa, The Princess, and the Energizer Buddy are here though and I awoke this morning to find a pretty funny/sweet poster taped to my bathroom mirror. Let the denigration begin! 🙂

Where has the time gone?


One thought on “Slip Sliding Away

  1. phoenix May 6, 2007 / 10:27 pm

    Sorry I missed it big guy. Hope it was all it could have been. Hugssssss!

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