Can’t Bear To Watch

Tonight. Game 3. Mavs vs. Warriors. On the tube but I just can’t bear to watch. Behind in the series 1-2 this may not be a “must” win for the home team, but it’s definitely a “by God better” win.

Guess it’ll come down to who’s Jedi mind trick works the best over the course of a 7 game series. Game 1 Nelly had his Golden State boys convinced they could win and they did. Game 2 had Avery Johnson and the Mavs all up in the Warrior’s headspace and they melted. Game 3, Nelly did same to Mavs. Major meltdown.

Either way. I can’t bear to watch. I’m going to clean the oven. At least it will be clean if I have to stick my head in it.

I mean with the Stars going down hard in the first round, the Mavs are the only game in town now that we only have two professional sports franchises in Dallas.


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