Who Moved My Cheese Channel?

I’ll admit to being a little resistant to change.

But thanks to a 28 year career (and counting) in a yo-yo industry I’ve come to grips with change in the workplace and even somewhat in the big wide world.

When they quit calling trailer houses trailer houses and started calling them mobile homes I was OK with that. I was even OK when they started calling them manufactured housing. See? I’m flexible.

But this past weekend my cable company went too far. In the late 70’s when cable came to this area the cable company installed a two cable system. This meant that there were A channels and B channels. A bit arcane, but fine. Over the intervening DECADES I adjusted, located where all my favorite channels were and aside from the odd programming change and what not everything was OK.

As it worked out, the Semitough Love Ranch TV sets spent 99.9% of their time tuned to the B side. Friday, midday, everything went to static. After spending a total of 2 hours on hold with the cable company and speaking with two different customer “service” reps, Brittany was able to inform me that they had made a change to the existing channels that eliminated the second cable, the B side, and that now all channels were being broadcast on a single cable. She advised me to reprogram my channels and to have a nice day.

Well, so now I’m lost. Spike was channel B6, now? I don’t know. I haven’t seen a rerun episode of CSI in three days. I’m jonesing for a little murderous mayhem. VH1 was channel B3, still haven’t found it so I don’t know if Flava Flave is back or who the new Surreal Life “stars” are going to be. Seriously, the Vanilla Ice – Ron Jeremy blow up last season is “Must See TV”. I can’t wait for the new crew.

Hopefully I can find them soon.


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