Random thoughts after a week away from the blogosphere:

All back and fresh from a California trip, fought off the obligatory respiratory distress inherent with being jammed in an aluminum tube with 200 people you don’t know.

The intrepid US Airways crew ignored the danger of three tornados, straight line winds and wicked wind shear to get us on the ground. What kind of idiot flies on Friday the 13th anyway?

While we were in the air descending, the folks in the terminal were being told to take shelter. Safety first and thanks for flying US Air.

Left off the blogging with all the new basketball coach hoopla. I’m more and more impressed with Coach Turgeon and convinced that we traded up. Guess I’m not the only one to think so. Welcome to College Station DeAndre.

Much to the chagrin of this Kentucky fan:

Anonymous Says:
April 15th, 2007 at 10:40 pm
Is it me or it looks like we cant recruit anyone goot anymore how would someone pick texas&am over uk.

Bizarre incident with one of Wichita State’s top recruits, Guy Alang-Ntang collapsed and died during a pickup basketball game. Unbelievable.

And then there’s the unbelievable events at Virginia Tech. Extrapolater captures my feelings in his post “This Week We Are All Hokies“. Reminds me very much of the A&M Bonfire accident the week before the Texas game in 2004. A lot of Longhorns showed much class that week.

This week we are all Hokies indeed.


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