WSU Assistants To Follow Turgeon to A&M

The Wichita Eagle is reporting this morning that Mark Turgeon’s assistant coaches will be following him to College Station:

Mark Turgeon will take his coaching staff to Texas A&M with him, assistant coach Mike Rohn said this morning.

Rohn, Pooh Williamson and Scott Spinelli are expected to join Turgeon in College Station sometime this week. Director of basketball operations Brett Coxsedge may also join Turgeon’s staff.

Rohn, Spinelli and Williamson were in the WSU office this morning, finishing up Shocker duties and starting the move to A&M.

The report goes on to state that Coach Turgeon called his WSU recruits and encouraged them to “remain patient and wait for WSU to hire a coach before making decisions about the future.”

So that’s how a coaching change is supposed to be handled. How refreshing.


One thought on “WSU Assistants To Follow Turgeon to A&M

  1. Glenn Coxsedge May 23, 2007 / 12:35 am

    Brett Coxsedge Has been let down by Turgeon and has not been offered a position anywhere.Brett left Australia to better his career, leaving family and friends behind to pursue his goal of coaching in the US but is now headed back to Australia after being left high and dry by Turgeon and the new wsu coach.

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