“That would be gay”

Esposa and I out at the Galleria picking up last minute Easter Bunny presents for our children (both of whom know better than to believe an actual bunny comes to our house) and come upon a kiosk bearing multitudes of Crocs shoes. We decide on a pair for the Energizer Buddy. Hold on, not the gay ones like these:


But the manly slider ones like these:


The manly sliders had a decidedly unmanly little green frog decoration attached. The following conversation ensued between the Esposa and the undeniably homosexual fellow working the kiosk:

Esposa: Does this little green frog come off of here?

Kiosk Fellow: Yes, they come off. (smiling) You don’t want the frog?

Esposa: No. These are for my 12 year old son and he’ll think that’s too gay.

Kiosk Fellow: <speechless>

Semitough: <speechless>

Esposa: What?

God I love that woman.


One thought on ““That would be gay”

  1. Justin V April 7, 2007 / 10:28 pm


    Dude that’s funny. I saw a guy wearing crocs. You should have seen my face, I burst out in uncontrollable laughter. I didn’t even know they made male crocs until a few weeeks a go. I wish I could have been in line behind you guys.

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