Vaya con Dios Billy Clyde

billyclydetuggle.jpgWith everyone and their perro (roll the r’s, you know, say it sexy like Ricardo Montalban) reporting that former Texas A&M coach Billy Clyde Tuggle Gillespie is set to ride his nascent success all the way to the big show at Kentucky, it is apparently time for this blog to tell him to bugger off wish him well. Building on his mild wild success at basketball powerhouses like Copperas Cove High School, South Plains Junior College, and Final Four perineal, UTEP, Billy has once again inspired a generation of young basketball players, showing them what big time college basketball is all about. 

Billy Clyde arrives for orgy press conference announcing his hiring as head coach.

Lessons about things like honor, commitment, loyalty, ego,
money, driving while intoxicated, poppin’ them ho’s
, and standing by your word have all been passed down to the young former Texas A&M recruits who have signed letters of intent with the Aggies based on his word that he would be here for the long haul.

Well the long haul is now over. His ability to pimp convince young basketball stars like Acie Law to forgo millions of NBA dollars to turn tricks at the NCAA tourney ensure his own success stands as a warning beacon to all those who are left to clean up his mess will come behind him.

Well done Billy Clyde. You big pimpin’ now.

See you on the way back down.


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