Texas “Justice”

Sometimes sitting up here in the exurbs of the D/FW Greater MultiMegaMetroplex it’s easy to forget that things like this still go on here in our great state. Extrapolater, normally a jocular sporting type and friend of this blog, felt this story was important enough to take a break for more serious matters, and being Texan, I couldn’t agree more.

Aside from the clear injustice to Shaquanda Cotton, a 14 year old student, being sentenced to up to 7 years in a juvenile prison (They can call it a detention center all they want. I’ve seen it. It’s a prison.) for what appeared to me should have been at worst a 3 day suspension from school, the thing that really pisses me off is where was the Dallas Morning News? Where was WFAA, KXAS, KTVT? Where are all these “investigative” reporters who go around breathlessly reporting about truck stop 8-liners paying cash and uncovering parking ticket scandals? This story had to be brought to light by a Chicago newspaper?

Shame on Paris, Texas. Shame on Lamar County. Shame on the Paris Independent School District. Shame on the North Texas media.

Shame on all Texans for allowing this type of blatant bias to go on in the year 2007.


2 thoughts on “Texas “Justice”

  1. extrapolater March 27, 2007 / 7:28 am

    Like I said, all it took to chill my blood was to imagine it was my kid instead of someone else’s. I mean, my son is still pretty little, but he’s spirited, so I could see him losing his temper when he’s 14 and doing something stupid. But I don’t think you bring out the hammer for something like that. And the evidence DOES seem to indicate that it’s somewhat racially motivated.

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