Update From The Front…Weeds In Retreat

We’re winning! Not ready to declare mission accomplished yet, but many weed cells are withering. Without command and control and in the face of overwhelming opposition (and chemical WMD) they are wilting like yesterday’s Cobb salad.

It’s not going to be that easy though. Choking out radical weedism, especially a well organized organization like Al Kweeda, isn’t a one shot deal.

Along those lines, plans are already underway to launch a two pronged attack. For security reasons many details are secret, but coalition forces are looking to saturate the battlefield with a potent “weed & feed” strategy.

Hopefully the second dose of chemical weapons along with encouraging the growth of Bermuda democracy will prove to be a killing blow to the radical weedists. Timing of the assault is classified but widely expected to be launched in conjunction with the High Holy Watering Day which in this zip code is Tuesday.



2 thoughts on “Update From The Front…Weeds In Retreat

  1. bigdino March 18, 2007 / 8:36 pm

    Hey boy. If you is fixin to be weed free in March, y’all oughta do what we do. Jist make sure the lawn is under several feets of snow and ice. Just don’t be drivin that Ess-You-Vee of yours on the lake, the ice aint (sic) safe no more.

    Where exactly does one put the apostrophe in “aint”?

  2. semitough March 18, 2007 / 10:09 pm

    Between the “n” and the “t” of course. Have I taught you nothing Grasshopper? Go drink a glass of sweet tea and call me in the morning.

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