Semitough is Back…

….and boy is he pissed.

A quick check of the blog stats shows that Semitough has averaged the same number of readers each day in the five weeks he has been gone as when he posted almost every day. Either the old stuff has legs or he has this whole “quality content” concept all wrong.

Second of all, Austin traffic. Spent a few days down there last week and it is out of hand. I read a short story several years back about a future time when gridlock was so bad that transportation authorities built high walls alongside freeways and would fill it in with concrete when traffic became hopelessly jammed and start fresh the next day. Austin is there. Couple of times on I-35 I was looking over my shoulder expecting to see the concrete waterfall.

Third, came home from Austin to find that local hoodlums had busted out the window of the MiniSUV Express and stolen Semitough’s Sirius Satellite Radio receiver. Come on kids. It’s worth 50 bucks. Semitough would have paid you that much and given you the radio not to break the window. The $180 window. Thank the G*ds that Semitough has a $250 deductible.

All that aside a week in Austin is enough to make one appreciate the normalcy of the Suburban Jungle. Things I saw in Austin:

– Orchestrated street demonstration in front of the Starbucks at Congress & 7th.
– Spiked hair reminiscent of some Mad Max character walking up Congress Ave.
– Guadalupe (The Drag) at 5 pm on a weekday. Spotted so many weird things in such a short time span the mind has them blocked. Are there normal kids that attend UT at Austin?
– Ticket scalpers in front of the Drum (Frank Irwin Center) scalping tickets for the HIGH SCHOOL basketball tournament.
– Tattoo parlors on top of tattoo parlors. At some intersections, all four corners have a tatoo/body piercing shop.
– Caps, t-shirts, bumper stickers everywhere reading “Keep Austin Wierd”. Mission accomplished.

Maybe that was the reason for the demonstration, they wanted a tattoo place where the Starbucks was.

For all it’s wierdness though, there is nothing like the sight of our state capitol to cause a catch in the throat of any true Texan. We took Energizer Buddy on a quick tour. They’ve done a wonderful job of restoring the interior to match the beauty of the exterior.

Anyway. Still no direction for this tubespace. Will post now and again as the…inspiration strikes.

Tough out.


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