All Aboard The Global Warming Train

(Hollywood, CA) While Hollywood A-listers have all left the station riding the Peace Train to Washington, fear not for the B-listers, failed presidential candidates, and university eggheads who are planning a road trip themselves.

Bouyed by the sweet comeback success of former presidential loser Al Gore, fellow comebackers are hoping for Oscar/Nobel nominations of their own by jumping on the Global Warming Train and riding it all the way to Kyoto.

The latest quasi-celeb to speak out today was Sonic the Hedgehog star of 90’s cartoon fame and Sega games of the same name.
“What’s crackalackin’? The polar ice cap that’s what. Anyone who doubts the validity of the science behind global warming can feel the sting of my prick

-ly quills”

Citing the plight of poor non-hibernating Scottish hedgehogs who have lost their prickliness, Sonic is going full Al Gore promising a college campus tour, demonstrations, a yet to be released book titled “An Inconvenient Quill”, and a movie version of the same name. He expects the old gang, Tails, Scratch, and Grounder to join him in his awareness raising efforts.

Skeptics though are not hard to find. Noted scientist Dr. Robotnik when reached for comment would only say “I hate that hedgehog.” When asked to comment Sonic seemed unphased, but dodged any questions saying only “Okay Vern, gotta burn” before spinning out of the news conference.


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