Scooby Doo Meets Hunter S. Thompson

Out surfing the Googletubes, you know visiting the usual suspects, when I stumble across this bit of humor over at Iowahawk’s tubespace. Seems the late great shoot-my-cold-dead-ashes-out-of-a-cannon prototype gonzo journalist did some work for Hanna-Barbera:

We were ten minutes south of San Clemente when the putrid green daisy walls of the van started closing in. I recall the fat four-eyed lesbian sweater girl saying something like “are you okay, Mr. Duke? We’ve got a mystery to solve…” when suddenly the gullet of the garish chartreuse steel beast began to spasm, as if a digestive track readying itself to vomit. I began clawing at my hamstrings and when I turned my head I was looking into the irridescent eyes of a grotesque animal screeching “Ruh Roh! Ruh Roh!” in a hoarse irritating dog-accented gibberish. That’s when it things began to turn weird.

Weird indeed. Click here to read the rest. Just be sure to abstain from fluid intake or put a plastic dropcloth over your keyboard and monitor.


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