Political Football

Well the first hundred hours of the new left-led Congress is over, or almost over, or whatever. It shall be left to the political pundits to determine whether anything of substance came from the resolve of the new leaders to pass “meaningful” legislation in that time. One thing is certain however, Monday’s 8 hour workday, or 12 hour, or 4 hour or whatever was lost on the House who took a holiday.

Normally I would be all over the newly minted Speaker. Probably calling her names, questioning her sexuality, dissing her dog, or cat, or fish, or whatever. But this holiday was about football. More importantly about college football. I can just see Madame Speaker cadging around the water cooler with her House buddies talking gridiron, proposing legislation requiring a national playoff, talking smack about how her CalBears “pwned” those Texas Aggies and such. I suspect she was rooting for Florida despite their choice of a Republican governor. What San Francisco politician could resist a school that has the word “gay” in their mascot?

“We’re number 1!”

It’s heartening to see that the new Speaker and her left-leaning House have their priorities in order. It’s not like people are homeless and starving across the nation, the New Orleans levees aren’t about to burst, the war they’ve been so worked up about was still there on Tuesday. Nothing in the world serious enough to keep Congresspersons out of the sports bars Monday night. What’s the use of being the most powerful woman in America if you can’t give your office buddies the day off to paint their faces and get ready for the game?

Semitough must say that he’s liking the way the new Congress is shaping up so far. A veritable treasure trove of material over the next two years. And they haven’t even started their presidential nominee selection process yet. This is going to be a target rich environment.


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