Thursday Thirteen #12

Thirteen Things about Semitough:Semitough has learned what advertising executives have known for years – sex sells. Day in, day out the most popular post on Suburban Guerilla is the facetiously titled meme on Colombian Big Butt ants. Semitough’s not sure what folks are looking for when they type “big butts” in the Google search window, but Semitough is at least one of the things they get. On WordPress today four of the top posts have to do with Britney Spears underwear, or more specifically lack thereof.

So Semitough has decided to sell out and write a semi sex related post for this week’s Thursday Thirteen.For some time now Semitough has noted while watching college football that there are an awful lot of players out there who’s names would be suited to porn stars. Extrapolater has noticed this as well and has done a great job of scouring rosters and nominating Porn All Stars for the Pac 10, Big 10, SEC, and ACC conferences. Not to poach the idea, but simply providing Semitough’s Top Thirteen nominations for the Big 12 Porn All Star Team:

1. Reggie Rock – DB – Iowa St.

2. Mack Breed – DB – Kansas St.

3. Jeremy Axel – LB – Texas A&M

4. Keyunta Dawson – DL – Texas Tech

5. BJ Beatty – LB – Colorado

6. Kevin Rutland – DB – Kansas St.

7. Rimmon McNeese – DL – Kansas St.

8. C.A. Vergari – DL – Texas

9. Trace Teas – K – Kansas St.

10. David Shanks – DB – Kansas St.

11. Devin Head – OL – Colorado

12. Ryan Kock – RB – Iowa State

13. Kyle Nail – OL – Texas A&M

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3 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #12

  1. extrapolater November 30, 2006 / 6:12 pm

    Heh heh – I went to KU, and I’ve been fighting the urge to do the Big 12 until championship week. This is indeed the week! Thanks for getting me a head start.

  2. semitough November 30, 2006 / 6:15 pm

    You are welcome to the rest of the list as well. It was so hard to choose just 13.

  3. Jenny Ryan December 1, 2006 / 4:15 pm

    Funny! Great list!

    Thanks so much for linking to me 🙂

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